About charityvatback.ie

charityvatback.ie was set up in November 2018 by Jake McAuliffe, with the simple view of helping Charities.

At charityvatback.ie, we have 3 simple aims (Our ‘3 A’s’);

  1. Analyse whether an Irish Charity is within their right to seek Vat compensation.
  2. Apply for the Vat compensation on behalf of the Charity.
  3. Attain a potentially significant source of funding for the Charity.

About Jake McAuliffe

I’m a qualified Chartered Accountant, volunteering in a local community organisation since the age of 12!

I work full-time Monday to Friday in my role as Management Accountant for a financial services firm.

I’m currently a trustee and voluntary Finance Director of the Ballyphehane Community Association in Cork.

How Did You Get Involved in Charities?

My volunteer experience started at the tender age of 12, when I was asked if I would help in the Bingo fundraising service of the Ballyphehane Community Centre. Since 2003, it is still part of my role (and possibly one of the more enjoyable aspects!).

From those early years to the present day, my role has slightly expanded. I was asked to join the Board of the Association in October 2012, and was appointed Finance Director in December 2013.

I have seen and been through quite a bit in my time with the Community Association, and one thing is clear – Charity organisations need more support, both financially and non-financially.

My aim is simple – Help You, To Help Others.

According to a recent Benefacts Non-Profit sector analysis, 35% of organisations report total income of €50,000 or less. For some charities, this amount would be a dream, for others it is not enough.

However, the Vat compensation scheme may just be a vital funding source for all Charities, including your organisation. Potential funds secured through this scheme could be the answer to;

  • a shortfall in funding for a key project,
  • finally completing that maintenance job, or
  • general funding security.

Many grant funding options out there are subject to various conditions, targets and specifications. Most require periodic updates. Ultimately, many can be extremely time consuming, with the ‘cons’ sometimes outweighing the ‘pros’.

This scheme has no bells and whistles attached. We can Analyse whether your Charity qualifies for this scheme, and Apply our knowledge in dealing with your potential Vat claim. We can do the work for you, and potentially Attain this source of funding.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to arrange a free consultation.

At charityvatback.ie, we Help You, To Help Others.